‘Good Girls Season 3’ : Cast, Plot, Release Date, Streaming Partner. RECENT UPDATES!!


Good Girls is a television series created by Jenna Bans. It is an American crime comedy-drama television series premiered on NBC back in February 2018.  The crime comedy-drama television series has featured 2 seasons. It has been ranked as 8 out 10 on IMBD and scored 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. The series follows a triad of three suburban Michigan mothers. Two from the triad are sisters. The sisters have been seen struggling to make ends meet. They are tired of trying and failing hence, they plan to pull off a heist by robbing a supermarket. The plot twist is when the store manager recognizes one of them. The surprising fact is he’s the reason for attention was not just money.

Release Date:

The crime drama television series is back for its season 3. The revival of the series was confirmed in 2019. Good Girls season 3 was confirmed to return on NBC on  February 16, 2020. Season 3 compromises 16 episodes, making it longer than the previous seasons with 13 and 10 episodes respectively. It is available on Netflix to stream.


The story of three Michigan mothers turning criminals is confirmed to offer us plot twists and curveballs. Series features Ruby, Beth, and Annie. In the last season, we witnessed Ruby having doubts about continuing crime after putting her relationship with Stan in difficult situations.  Annie had her doubts after knowing the fact that her new admirer Noah is actually an FBI officer.  The season 3 is confirmed to feature Beth struggling to convince Ruby and Annie.


Good Girls Season 3 cast will include, Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth “Beth” Boland, Retta as Ruby Hill, Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, Reno Wilson as Stanley Hill, Manny Montana as Christopher, also known as Rio, Lidya Jewett as Sara Hill and Matthew Lillard as Dean Boland. However, new faces can be expected.

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