Tom Hank and his wife Rita Wilson diagnosed by COVID-19. Their sons reaction and more updates.


Coronavirus has become a global issue in today’s scenario. It is the greatest pandemic in the world’s history and cure is not made yet. More than 100 countries have been diagnosed with coronavirus cases. 

One of the famous American actors and filmmaker Thomas Jeffrey Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are diagnosed with coronavirus.

In a statement American actor and his wife posted on Instagram that they were traveling to Australia and were diagnosed because they were having symptoms like tiredness, fatigue and a little bit feverish.

Now the American actor and his wife are now in stable condition and are isolated in the hospital.

Warner brothers confirm that they were working on the pre-production of a film in Australia about singer Elvis Presley.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are a total of 120 cases of Coronavirus in Australia.

American actor and his wife will give updates on their social platform to other people about the happenings with them.

Warner Brothers said that

 “The health and safety of the members in our production is the top priority. People who work closely with Tom Hanks will be tested”. 

American actor’s young son Chet Hank posted a video on Instagram saying to his fans, that his parents are being diagnosed with coronavirus and are being hospitalized in Australia.

American actor’s elder son Colin Hank tweeted on Twitter to his fans

“we all are so grateful for the support we are having from everyone. Parents are getting excellent care in Australia, we have been in constant contact and therefore we all are confident that they will make a full recovery soon”.

So we all should fight against coronavirus and should take precautions like washing hands, avoid going to crowded places, cover your face with a mask, avoid contact with people who are having a cough or fever and avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, and face.

We all will fight coronavirus soon.