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Thor 4 (love and thunder)

Thor 4 movie has marked the returning of Chris Hemsworth as Thor the most popular superhero of Marvel. The movie is directed under Taika Waititi. The producer of the film is Kevin Feige.
Thor is known as the God of Thunder who saved the world from different catastrophes. He works with the Avengers.

Natalie Portman is returning as Jane fister, Tees a Thompson is playing the role of Valkyrie and Chris Hemsworth is back to play the role of Thor. Also, Christian Bale’s mystery role is still not revealed.

Release Date:

The release date is reported as  5 November 2021 initially in the United States of America.

As no trailer has been released up till now. So it is very difficult to predict but once it gets shot it will soon be premiered onto our screens.


The storyline is tremendous, fully filled with emotions of love.  Here the lady love of Thor( the god of thunder) character named Jene Foster will take lead as Lady Thor. At last Avengers endgame movie. When Foster had a break up with Thor they revealed the End game. Thor went to accompany guardians of galaxy making valkyrie the new king of Asgard so its gonna be really thrilling to watch lady thor in charge of the Asguard.

Taika Waititi( the director of this movie) using the same storyline as of novel in his movie that seeing thor as he loses his capability to wield his hammer and thereby losing his great title the god of thunder.

The earlier director thought of introducing the illness of Jane in the storyline and it would be great as she is fighting with her illness and the two more battles coming her way. The storyline would be interesting once it is all set to release.