‘Taboo Season 2’: Is it really happening? Get the details on release date, cast, plot and so much more right here!!!

Taboo is an age-old period drama series. It stars Tom Hardy and Steven Knight. We finally got confirmed news that Taboo season 2 will be returning! That means more of James Delaney and his shenanigans. It is set in 19th century London and shows us how grimy the situation is. We have been able to collect all the latest updates for you all, so let us get into it.

Taboo Season 2 release date

The 1st season aired on BBC One in the United Kingdom from January 7, 2017. The show gained a massive amount of popularity in a short amount of time. After 2017, fans have been waiting for a sequel. This sequel might be closer than it looks. We expected the writing of the script to take place in 2018, but it came and went without any updates. 2019 was a hopeful year to but with the busy schedules of Hardy and Knight’s busy schedules holding up more Taboo. We got the update that writing has been finished, but the filming would start either in late 2019 or early 2020. With that being said, it looks like we all have to wait for another year or two before we see James Delaney again.

Taboo season 2 cast

Tom Hardy’s James Delaney seems sure to return, though it’s less clear whether the series’ supporting actor will continue. As we don’t know anything about the filming process yet, we can’t be sure. Stephen Graham, Edward Hogg, Mark Gatiss, and Scroobius Pip might return. We saw two of our characters gravely injured, so we are not sure what will happen to their story arcs. Only time will tell.

Taboo season 2 supposed storyline

The 1st series closed with James and his surviving allies setting sail for America. Season 2 is likely to take off with the adventures he and his crew might face on their way there. Hardy has also given hints, suggesting Taboo season two will revolve around the US spy network ‘Colonnade’. We might also witness James’ clash with the East India Company and Prince Regent.

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