Everything we need to know about ‘Sherlock Holmes Season 3’ (release date, cast, plot and news)


Sherlock Holmes season 3 (A mysterious blend of thrill, action, and crime)
The film is directed by well renowned Dexter Fletcher. It is a USA based origin film. This series is now expected to pop up on our screens with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

Release Date –

The film is likely to get in public on 21st December 2021.

Casting –

Downey and Law both are expected to have a come back for the third movie, preferentially, as without the bromance among Law and Downey, there wouldn’t be a Sherlock Holmes series.
It is yet to have a confirmation on whether Kelly Reilly (Watson’s wife Mary), Stephen Fry (Sherlock’s brother Mycroft) or Eddie Marsan (Inspector Lestrade) would return.

Plot and news – 

In the first domain, we saw that Holmes and Watson were battling for a mystical would-be world dominator Lord Henry Blackwood (Mark Strong), whilst the second part of the sequel presented us with Sherlock’s arch-nemesis Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris). The third sequel is likely to continue from where it got an end in the previous season in which provided that Holmes was likely to have killed Moriarty at the end of the second film, Harris would hope to be screened like a longshot to return. Furthermore, Holmes himself was expected to have excised in that particular incident, solely for the detective to fake his death and secretly turn up in Watson’s office.

It would be justice to our money when Harris allegedly would be reprising the role. Without Moriarty, Holmes is like Batman without the Joker – the two need each other to be truly amazing. Peaky Blinders, who is popularly known to be playing a perfect role in the British crime drama, would also be joining the crew. However, Robert Downey Jr. would be serving as the title character and character of Dr. Watson would be played by the same Jude Law. As per the published reports, it has been rumored that the writers of Narcos have been hired to hand-write the script of this series. So, with this, they have really set the bars high on. Let’s wait and keep our fingers crossed for fans franchise that they get to see what they are hoping for.