The time loop stuck gamer will return soon: ‘Russian Doll season 2’, cast, release date, plot and future


Russian doll is a comedy-drama series written, created and starring Natasha Lyonne similar to Fleabag and Phobe waller-bridge and is the story of a woman stuck in a time loop.


The Russian Doll is based on Nadia a game developer who goes to a party in New York City where she on getting killed in different bizarre circumstances and she tries to find what and why is this keeps happening to her.

In the process, she found other people who are also stuck in the time loop like her and together they try to find the main cause of this situation.

The season ends with Nadia and Alan tarp in different timelines meeting their different self’s in a different point of time in the future or past.

Natasha in an interview told that there will be multiple roles of NADIA and ALANin the coming season


Natasha Lyonne, Greta Lee, Yul Vazquez, Elizabeth Ashley, and  Nadia’s new parter Alan played by Charlie Barnett all are expected to reprise their respective role’s in series.

Though till now, no new signing has been announced by production house but some new and fresh faces are bound to appear in the following season.


In June 2019 the series was renewed for the second season and will most probably release by the start of 2021 though any official announcement hasn’t been made till now. Next season will also consist of 8 episodes like the former.


The show has been highly acclaimed and has women four primetime Emmy award for its first season and the especially on for its outstanding comedy,

the show is also very well received by IMDb rating and loved by the fans for its unique storytelling