The Netflix special on Autism will return soon for final time: ‘Atypical season 4’ cast, plot, release date and other details inside


Atypical is a coming-of-age series on a boy suffering from Autism spectrum Disorder,  produced and distributed by Netflix.


The Atypical series is on Sam Garder a boy suffering from Autism disorder but wants to enjoy the smaller things of life such as dating girls and in the process connects with his father.

But he found out that his crush is his way older therapist so it advised him to find a girl of his age so for that he tried to make a “practice girlfriend” with the help of his friends in school.

His mother also fed up with his guardianship based life so during a night out she starts an affair with a bartender and her sister also has to leave as she got a scholarship in a prestigious high school but her concern for sam barged her from going.

the way a boy suffering from autism goes on with his life with a dysfunctional family is the major crux of the series.


Jennifer Jason Leigh, Keir Gilchrist, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Amy Okuda, Michael Rapaport all are expected to return for the final series and give a fitting end to all the story arc and end on a high


The final season of the series was renewed on February 2020 and it will consist of 10 episodes like the previous season and it will most likely to premise around  the end of next year i.e 2021


The show was highly praised for the message it is trying to spread and also the storytelling but it is criticized for lack of real actors who are suffering from autism, the show is also well received by IMDb and the fans who enjoy it a real-life based problem the protagonist go through in their daily life