The Chicago southerner’s are back in the business again: ‘The Chi Season 3’, cast, plot, release date and other details inside. Have a look.


The chi is a drama series based in America directed by Lena Waithe, it is basically about the life of the southern American and their neighborhood. The first episode is directed by Rick Famuyiwa


The second season of the series ended with mobster Otia perry allowing Brandon to give the money for his food truck and after trying to stop the underworld life throughout his career.

Brandon was finally arrested for the illegal arms they found in his truck though he was granted bail by the under the table help form Otis, his fiancee didn’t like his involvement with the gangster’s, they clashed with one another letting the chef realize that they are too different from one another to be in a relationship.

Brandon forgave Ronnie, who killed his younger brother and helped the cop to get Otis arrested  thus backstabbing him

Brandon forgave Ronnie, who shot and killed his younger brother and assisted cops in helping get Otis arrested.

and now season 3 has made one thing clear that Brandon has been killed off and Otis will control the police officers as seen in the trailer.

though it is still unclear whether Tiffany is expecting or not but the new season might show Emmet and Tiffany rekindling their relation and raising their son EJ as a complete family


Jason Mitchell is not going to join the crew after he was fired for misconduct allegation, but rest all the cast including Ntare Guma Mbho Mwine, Jacob Latimore, Yolonda Ross, Shamon Brown Jr. and rest are going to be on air this season.


On 30th April 2019 is was renewed for season 3 and its trailer has already been released

the first episode will air from 5 July 2020  on its regular channel, this season will consist of 10 episodes like its predecessor.

though been a low keyed show it has garnered enough attention for its specific representation of the American culture and is loved by its fan.