‘The Alienist Season 2’: Release date on Netflix, cast, plot, trailer and all the details you want to know.


After the successful airing of The Alienist, expectations for the second season have been doing the rounds. This ten-episode series had been based on an eponymous American novel by Caleb Carr. It delved into the activities of an ad hoc team, consisting of police officials and psychologists, working in the New York City of the late 19th century to solve the mysterious murders of children in the area. The opening title – In the 19th century, persons suffering from mental illness were thought to be alienated from their own true natures. Experts who studied them were therefore known as alienists.- aptly sets the tone in place. Adeptly blending the proportions of facts, fiction, and history, this series acclaimed promising praise and attention.

The second season will be based on the sequel novel to The Alienist (novel) by the same author, named The Angel of Darkness. It is also being planned that the entire show will be retitled accordingly. As far as it’s airing is concerned, the show will be broadcasted just like it’s predecessor, firstly on its original network TNT, and thereafter on Netflix. However, the prime glitch stays the dates of its release. There have been no official announcements regarding the dates of broadcast, nonetheless, speculations put it to be in 2020 itself.
The lead cast remains the same, with Daniel Brühl playing Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, Luke Evans as John Moore and Dakota Fanning as Sara Howard.

The Angel of Darkness will closely follow the lines of the first installment, with the main characters as well as the rest of the team reuniting for the search mission of the kidnapped infant daughter of a visiting Spanish dignitary. However, it still remains to see as to how close and real this second edition remains to The Alienist.


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