‘Seven Deadly Sins Season 4’: How Long Do We Have To Wait? Here’s Everything We know


To surprise the viewers Netflix came upon with another chick flick series named The Seven Deadly Sins is based on the manga and is written by Nakaba Suzuki. The viewers showed an optimistic approach towards this series which made Netflix produce its next season. The story mainly focusses on a group of knights who work to serve the kingdom of lions. The marvelous series the seven deadly sins will be coming back super soon.

Release Date?
This season may be the last one but still, no confirmed release date has been declared. One hundred and ten chapters are to be completed and it can be a finale too. We will inform you as soon as we get one.

Trailers for season 4 or ‘Wrath of the Gods’ are now available online.

Animation of this season is being done by studios Deen earlier which was done by

The Details(Spoilers!)
21st episode saw King Aurthur trying to summon the power of his sword but unfortunately, he could do it only for some moments. Cusack, his demon, and even Meliodas were not harmed by all his blows. Merlin shows up and saves him at the very last moment. Arthur has to apologize for the sins of being so weak. Meanwhile, back at the Camelot castle, the demon confronts Cusack was surprised that Arthur was unscared from the attacks. He tells him that it was the last time he showed any mercy towards him and will now do anything to end him. He then uses one of his abilities to force Arthur to stab himself. This was a sad end to Arthur’s story.

Alternately Netflix has got the license for streaming the new series. Because of the capability of Korean original to grow, Netflix has the ability to release the episodes week after week.