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An American web series Narcos: Mexico is a continuation of Netflix’s original Narcos series created by Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, and Doug Miro. It is about illegal drug trafficking in Mexico. The series dramatizes the rise of traffickers in order to build an empire that was challenged by DEA agent Kiki to halt.


NETFLIX original crime drama Narcos Mexico debuted on November 16, 2018, with its ten iconic episodes. Precisely, the story didn’t end in the first season and continued in the second season of Narcos: Mexico hit Netflix on February 13, 2020, with ten episodes. You may watch the whole new season now! This new season of Narcos: Mexico is that spectacular that gathers the attention of even a non-watcher with its popularity. Every second person you will see is talking about this series.


Casting community of Narcos: Mexico series is filled with tremendous popular stars who are starring as the main character. Among those, some of the main cast members are Michael Pēna (Kiki Camarena), Diego Luna (Miguel Angel Félix), Tenoch Huerta (Rafa), Alyssa Diaz (Mika Camarena), Joaquin Cosio (Don Neto), José Maria Yazpik (Amado), Matt Letscher (Jaime Kuykendall), last but not the least Aaron Staton (Butch Sears). These are the heartline of the show. Apart from this, Michael Pēna and Diego Luna play lead roles in the first season.


Season 1’s story ends with Gallardo who investigates the Guadalajara cartel which is continued with next season. Season 2 starts after several months of the arrest of Don Neto and Caro. Columbians seized in California by the DEA. Though, Felix uses leverage to have the Columbians give him cocaine for retailing in America. Later on, Felix was arrested by the government and lost everything.