Jane and Lily continued their mesmerising performance: ‘Grace And Frankie Season 6’ plot, release date, cast and future


Grace and Frankie are American comedy web-series created by Friend’s famed Marta Kauffman and Howard j Morris.

It is the longest-running Netflix original series running for more than six seasons, and 94 episodes.


The major story-line of the series is based in the unlikely friendship between cosmetic mogul Grace Skolka(Jane Fonda) and hippie art teacher Frances Bergstein(Lily Tomlin) after their husbands Robert and Sol highly successful lawyer in  L.A announce they are in love with each other and leaving their respective wife’s.

Now the wife’s who earlier resent each other have to live together and face their day-to-day difficulties together and build an unlikely friendship.

The Sixth season of the series shows that grace is newly married and Frankie is not taking in with completely open arms, but Jane also has her own problems in the new terrain she is in,

they decided to start a new business and take it to the shark tank for funding also many smaller stories of each character.


Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston, Brooklyn Decker, Ethan Embry, June Diane Raphael, Baron Vaughn all have returned to reprise their particular role in the series and is expected to return in the coming season,i.e series finale.


The sixth season of the series released on 15th January 2020 and consisted of 13 seasons and is available for live streaming on the Netflix app.

last year on September 2019 the series was renewed for the seventh and final series consisting of 13 episodes like its predecessor and most probably will release by the start of next year,

thus ending the longest and one of the best and well-acclaimed Netflix original series.

The show is loved by critics and fans for its satire and the real-life problem of old aged divorced wives.