‘Edge of Tomorrow 2’: Release date, cast, plot developments and how the series is going to move forward!!


Edge of Tomorrow is a sci-fi film featuring Tom Cruise *swoons* and Emily Blunt. The main and iconic line from the film is “Live.Die.Repeat.”. Well isn’t that some motto to live our life around by. Edge of Tomorrow focuses on Tom Cruise being stuck in a time loop. It forces him to live the same day again and again. The sequel is stuck in its time loop it seems. The first film premiered in 2014 and since then, the talks of a sequel have lived, died and repeated itself again. This cycle has been going on for almost 5 years now.

Let’s see” definitely sums up the vibe from every Edge of Tomorrow 2 update. A sequel seemed to move a little forward when writers were hired for the project.  But later on that year, director Doug Liman revealed that he has “no idea” if the movie will actually get made.

Why is there so much delay??

There is a massive timeline that we have to follow here in order to see why there has been this much delay. We got a little excited in 2018 when Liman confirmed that he was working on a script with Butterworth. The problem at that time was the schedules of our actors were not that free. Live, Die, Repeat and Repeat wouldn’t be the same without the original cast. Liman wanted Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt only, which is nice. Liman confirmed the completion of the script in October 2019. This announcement made fans very happy. We are hoping that the shooting begins soon. As soon as Cruise wraps up his shooting for Mission Impossible.

In January 2020 we got another sneak peek through an Instagram post with the hashtag ‘LiveDieRepeat2’. It seems like the sequel is in its initial stage, it will need a lot of work. So we can expect to see it by 2022(maybe, hopefully).

The cast of Edge of Tomorrow 2

Blunt and Cruise will be back, although they will sign the contract once the script is fully ready. “There’s a third character in the sequel that’s going to, for sure, steal the movie”, Liman said. It has to be seen what this character is and even if he’s present since the writer has changed.

Emily Blunt was quite vocal about wanting a sequel. “I just hope Tom and his robot legs can find a little time and we can really get crackin’.” Blunt herself joked that both stars are going to need to be digitally de-aged by the time the sequel could possibly go into production.

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