‘The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina Season 3’: Release date, cast, plot and other details inside.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the paranormal drama produced by Netflix which is stealing the hearts of the viewers by the continuous release of the devastating series and here is the most exciting season that is season 3.

Main storyline:
The story focusses on Sabrina Spellman who persists the split personality half-witch and half-mortal; she is supposed to accept this bitter truth. while the inhabitants were frightened.
The story revolves around these characters:
1. Role of Kiernan Shipka played by- Sabrina Spellman
2. Role of Ross Lynch played by – Harvey Kinkle
3. Role of Lucy Davis played by – Hilda Spellman
4. Role of chance Perdomo played by- Ambrose Spellman.
5. Role of Michelle Gomez played by Marry Wardwell.
6. Role of Jaz Sinclair played by Rosalind walker.
This American Drama with the original storyline and the true content captivate more and more viewers.3rd part of this marvelous drama is based on a series of new problems in Greendale and hell.

Release Date:
Exciting news for the passionate viewers who aren’t aware of the release date of The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina season 3. Season 3 comprising of 8 episodes got released on 24th January 2020, Friday on Netflix.


The trailer of The chilling Adventure of Sabrina season 3 is Sabrina along with her friends is in the mission to save her boyfriend named nick who heads into hell. Although she defeated Lucifer Dark Lord is found trapped inside the body of her boyfriend nick so she wanted the nick to be free and be together again for this she accepted the title of being the ” Queen of Hell”.  The exciting part is Michelle gonna play the two roles and the fun would lie in watching the difference between the two roles played by him.

This drama got optimistic responses so Netflix came up with the delightful season 3 so do watch. it would be great fun and hope it is loved by all the viewers out there.