‘Mission Impossible 7’: Release Date, Cast, Plot . All the details you need to know is in here. Have a look.


Mission Impossible 7 is directed and written by Christopher McQuarrie.  Tom Cruise playing as Ethan Hunt has been the constant lead in Mission Impossible series.  MI 7 will mark as the third film to be directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Quarrie has directed Rogue Nation and Fallout before.

Mission Impossible 7 is rumored to release on 23rd July 2021. Cruise has been a constant lead on all past movies of the series. Cruise as Hunt has never failed to stun the audience with his phenomenal stunts. In the last movie, we could see sparks flying between Elsa Faust and Ethan Hunt. Will MI 7 treat us with Faust and Hunt’s romance? There are a lot of speculations about the plot. One thing’s for sure that Hunt fans will be in for a treat. Every film I think the stunts can’t get scarier but Tom Cruise never fails to stun us with his amazing work. The kind of hard work Tom goes through makes him more and more admirable.

Simon Peg in an interview on  BBC Radio said the film is scheduled to be filmed in Venice. However, he mentioned that the shoot has been put on hold due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus in Italy. Although the release date is confirmed, the release date could be pushed back due to the sudden outbreak of coronavirus. Admirers of the MI series are sure to expect extreme stunts. As MI 7 was recently announced back in February by Paramount, it is still in pre-production. Therefore, the details are limited.

Cast :

Tom Cruise Ethan Hunt, Producer

Jon Voight Jim Phelps

Emmanuelle Béart Claire 

Henry Czerny Kittridge 

Jean Reno Krieger

Ving Rhames Luther 

Emilio Estevez Jack 

Vanessa Redgrave Max 

Marcel Iures Golitsyn 

Ion Caramitru  Zozimov 

Ingeborga Dapkunaite Hannah 



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