‘Hanna Season 2’ Confirmed: Release date, cast, storyline and all the other details you need to know!!


Hanna first released in 2019 on Amazon Prime video and it became an instant hit with the viewers. We are finally here to clear up all that and provide you with the information that you need. Amazon quickly realized how popular Hanna became and started planning for a second run. It posted an official video to confirm the much long-run expected renewal status of the show for the fans.

Hanna 2 Release date

Amazon declared the Hanna seem in May 2017, and pre-creation and throwing suffered from reference to 12 months prior to the cameras swarmed in March 2018. Hanna 2 will likely come out in 2020.

The cast of Hanna 2

We will be seeing a lot of familiar as well as new faces this season. It has been confirmed that a variety of new characters will be introduced in the show.

Original cast members include Esme Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, Yasmin Monet Prince and many more. The new faces include Anthony Welsh, Severine Howell-Meri and Cherelle Skeete.

The storyline of Hanna 2

Hanna season 1 not only rebooted the story from the film, it also drastically expanded Hanna’s universe and set the stage for the story to continue in 2nd season.

It is based on the Oscar-winning movie of the same name. Hanna is just our everyday girl who grew up living with her guardian, Eric. She possesses certain special abilities. As the show moves forward, we see Hanna’s real personality.

It became known that Hanna was tested to create super soldiers by the CIA. By the ending of the 1st season, Hanna had learned about and met the dozens of other genetically enhanced super-soldiers of the Utrax Regenesis program – essentially, she has many ‘sisters’.

Except for Clara, all her other ‘sister’ refused Hanna’s help and went with the military. This no doubt sets up a future conflict of Hanna (and Clara) vs. her ‘sisters,’ since season 1 deliberately did not have Hanna fight any of them.