When will the galaxies savior return: ‘Guardian of the Galaxy 3’ release date, cast, plot, future details is in here!

With the most magnificent amalgamation of Superhero movie the avenger: Endgame almost a year old

The question has started to arise, what is the future of MCU will and in that what will be the future of our favorite dysfunctional group of space heroes the Guardian’s

With one more film in the pipeline, it most probably will be the last for many of its characters such as Rocket Racoon, Groot, Star-lord, Drax The Destroyer, Gamora, and Nebula.


With the end of Guardians of Galaxy, it was sure ADAM Warlock was in the schemes of thing for this mini-franchise, but with ENDGAME the complexion of the stories has completely changed.

With Thor now one of the members of the Guardians and Gamora missing from the scene, it opens the franchise to many new possibilities.

and also, with this being the last of the franchise, it has to give a fitting ending to many of its original members and complete their story arc.

Most probably, the next movie will ponder on issues like

  • where is Gamora?
  • Who is the leader of the guardian THOR VS STAR-LORD?
  • What is the future of the rocket and Groot’s relation?
  • What happened to sovereign people?


With most of the cast like Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Kren Gillan, and Pom Klementieff, Bradley Cooper (rocket raccoon voice) and Vin Diesel(Groot’s voice) and Sylvester Stallone most likely to reprise.

Though not confirmed its most likely Zoe Saldana and Chris Hemsworth yet may come and give us a shock.


With director James Gunn basket full with suicide squad and GOG, its and till now the post-production hasn’t started.

so it’s safe to say that we will have to wait a bit longer to see our Guardians most probably 2022 end