How Doctor Who brought back John Barrowman’s Captain Jack back to TARDIS. How did the secret worked out to impress the fans ? All the details and backstory present below.


In a recent interview, John Barrowman revealed how series lead Chris Chibnail bought the fan-favorite character back to Doctor Who.

For years the actor John Barrowman has been campaigning for the return of his ultimate fan-favorite character Doctor Who played by Jack Harness, doing different convention appearances, comics, and audio plays & dramas.

Jack, however, stayed out of the Who universe( as far as on-screen appearance is concerned, and eventually as time passed it seemed like the immortal adventurer would never again step back the TARDIS. Because in Doctor Who series 12’s fifth episode, we find Jack Harness making a special entry and kind if abducting Doctor’s TARDIS team.

John says it feels absolutely amazing to hold on the torch to bring Jack back because the amount of love and the strength of the fanbase for him is just unreal.

When asked about Jack, without giving much information John said it is the same Jack, you know. He’s the same flirtatious, humorous, sassy and also determined guy you know.

He also specified that Jack returning to the show is one of the biggest returns and the whole unit wanted to keep it fresh and happening for the audience. The nation’s jaw dropped when that happened, and the internet is going to blow up.

  1. He said that as soon as Jack appears UK audience is going to get mad and then the whole UK is going to know, then eventually the US would, then it would pass onto China, then his face would be all over the world. According to him ( maybe he is wrong) but Jack is trending worldwide. The lengths John Barrowman went to in order to keep his Doctor Who comeback a secret which was truly worthy of Torchwood.