‘House Of Cards Season 7’: Will it happen? Will season 6 mark as the finale of the series?


House Of Cards is an American political thriller web series, it made its debut on February 1, 2013.  The political web thriller has been set in Washington, DC. Beau Willimon is the creator of this phenomenal politician drama and is based on House Of Cards by Michael Dobbs and Andrew Davies. House Of Cards even in its debut year gained a lot of popularity.  The political web thriller played a significant role by attracting subscribers to Netflix when it was fairly new.

Actor Anthony Rapp accuses Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood) trying to have sex with him at a party while he was still a minor. Buzzfeed published this article. Though the allegations were unproven. Recently after, the article was published the announcement came in that House of Cards Season 6 would mark as the final season. This controversy has been the talk of the town since.  The controversy surrounding Rapp and Spacey put House Of Cards on the deathbed.  In, 2017 following the controversy surrounding the web series and sexual allegations against Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood) the producers decided to remove Spacey from the show. It was a difficult decision as the finale of House Of Cards Season 5. set the plot for Season 6, it was initially to be “Frank vs. Claire”.

Netflix has brought back canceled shows like Gilmore girls and picked up Tv series Black Mirror.  The sad part is that Netflix would never allow other streaming services. Amazon or Hotstar to pick up or revive the series. The question is will Netflix revive the series? As it played a significant role in Netflix’s initial years. Will ever unravel the mystery of Frank Underwood’s death? Or will House Of Cards season 6 mark the finale with Claire’s everlasting rule.