‘7 Seeds Season 2’: release date, plot, the anime to return with a renewed energy? Updates and other details!


7 seeds is a Japanese manga series which is illustrated and written by Yumi Tamura and Shogakukan is the publisher.

The story is set in the Post-apocalyptic future after a meteorite has hit the earth, which has led to the evolution of new species. The story runs around five groups of people that are young-adults and their efforts to survive after cryonic preservation.
The title is essentially evolved from the symbolism that ‘seeds’ here are the supply laid down by the Japanese Government in those Cryogenic chambers.

The manga has already come to an end in 2017 with 35 volumes but it’s Televised adaption was not done until 2019 and it became one of the most viewed anime of all times after that! The anime premieres on Netflix.
After one successful season released in June 2019, will the manga have another season on screen any time soon?

7 seeds Season 2:

Recently Netflix renewed the series for another season and can very well be expected to come on air in the near future that is, mid or end of 2020.
The renewal of the series was guaranteed by the fact that the series has already been in writing, with a complete story, and how Netflix had listed it as ‘Part 1’ of many!
So now, we eagerly await the arrival of season 2 of 7 Seeds.

Since season 1 could not completely woo the original manga fans, it is now completely upon season 2 to make amends!

7 seeds, season 2 cast, and trailer:

The cast for playback voice and voice-overs would more or less remain the same for the anime,

Nao Tōyama as Natsu Iwashimizu
Jun Fukuyama as Arashi Aota
Katsuyuki Konishi as Semimaru Asai
Yoko Soumi as Botan Saotome
Kana Asumi as Matsuri Tendō
Akira Ishida as Chimaki Yamori
Aoi Yūki as Hotaru Kusakuri

You can catch the trailer right here!


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