The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose will return soon: ‘The Order season 2’, Release date, plot, cast and other details in here


The order is a horror-based online web content by Dennis Heaton is available on Netflix subscription. It has been ordered of another season after the successor of its contemporaries like the Umbrella academy.


The series follows a story of college freshman Jack Morton of joined the groups of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose which is actually a secret society that teaches and practices dark magic.

Later on the series, it was found that the organization had a deeper history and it unfolded some of his families old dark past which are hard to take in for Jack

along with that the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose has been involved in an underground battle with the Knights of Saint Christopher, they also get involved with the dark-magic art and werewolves in the later stages of the series.


In the future series Jack Manley, Sarah Grey, Sam Trammell, Mat fewer and Matt Martini are all expected to reprise their role in the coming season of The Order, and rest of the recurring cast details hasn’t been confirmed yet but will be announced with the release of each episode.

Release Date

The official release date hasn’t been confirmed yet but on March 2019 the show was renewed for a 10 episode season and the shooting began in the August of 2019, this time also it will be available on Netflix after the success of the previous season which garnered more than 18 million within one month of its release.


the first season has been very well received by both the critics and the audience and has been highly rated by both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, it was especially praised for its new way of horror-themed storytelling and cinematography.

if you are a horror show lover it has to be on your must-watch list.