‘One Punch Man Season 3’ :Release date, plot, what can the new season offer you and a lot more !



Your favorite anime to be back with a 3 season soon !?

One punch man, the Japanese anime series has won hearts with its first 2 seasons.
The series first premiered in 2016 and has a history of making fans wait for long periods before treating them with more.
The series is an ever unique story about the hero who has the ability to kill anyone with just one single punch, so eventually, when he gets bored and restless with the lack of any fight or challenge whatsoever, he starts struggling with ennui and depression.

When will the second season come out?

Produced by Madhouse in the first season and J.C staff in the second, the creators are torn at the decision whether the product should remain with J.C or go back to Madhouse, one of the best production houses for anime out there. Due to this, it is rumored that the third season, not unlike the first two, would definitely be making the fans waiting for it.


To create continuity with the second season and further star the Monster Association Arc. Featured in it, the third season could very well be about it.
Meanwhile, Saitama the protagonist would get better screen time as opposed to what he had in season 2. Since the unique and ever-powerful hero, Saitama, was praised by the audience and is considered as one of the strongest and freshest faces in the anime business.

Recent updates

Moving on, the propagation of the anime still remains strong as One Punch Man keeps releasing a substantial amount of OVAs, they have shared a promo for its next one.

It is very likely that season 3 would hit the screens in either fall 2020 or early 2021 and to be honest, fans can not wait! Up until the release, it would be better if we go back and re-binge the last 2 seasons, because it has been a very long time, and we’ll surely be the first ones to keep you posted on any new news about our dear One Punch Man.


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