‘Kingdom Chapter 629’: Release Date, spoilers, raw updates and a lot more !


The Japanese manga Seinen series is illustrated and written by Yasuhisa Hara. It follows the story of the war orphan Shin and the fictitious account of the Warring States period. Shin, with his partners, fight to become the greatest general and unify China for the first time in over 500 years.

After the last chapter, chapter 628, the fans are torn between the dilemma of whether Shin is going to make it or not. All the fans were sure of the fact that he will go ahead to become one of the most powerful general’s, but he has to be alive to do so! In the last chapter, we find Shin unconscious and unmoving after his fight with Hou Ken.

Will Shin survive?

Well, it is really truistic to argue that The creator will not kill off the main character of the series yet. Hence there is going to be some twist which would make Shin recover and there might be a slightest of chance that Hou Ken might still be alive.

Release date :

Since the manga releases new chapters every week, it’s very probable that they will do so on the 30th of January. And the Kingdom Chapter 629 will be available on Weekly Young Magazine or you can just use online methods to read so.

Raw updates and plot:

Ei Sei and Hi Shin will somehow find a way to revive Shin and it will be revealed that Hou Kai is actually not dead and would only contribute to helping Shin unknowingly. This will not come as a shock to the fans because we have already witnessed his regeneration abilities foster.
What still remains ambiguous here is that whether the war will continue or Riboku and his army would back off.

The manga has become one of the most sensational of all time when all of the fans dotingly wait for the next chapter always. And don’t you worry, we will be the first to tell you about the next chapters and more to come!