‘Stranger Things Season 4’: cast, plot, release date, where are Hopper and the kids? And other details!

Are we ready for another trip to the upside-down !?

Netflix’s most popular fiction-action-drama and fantasy series, Stranger Things is set to return this year. The creators announced the renewal of the series in September 2019, after the release of the 3rd season, and after that, the fans haven’t calmed down!

Stranger Things follows the story of 5 children and other adult main leads who live in Hawkins, Indiana which is a town full of strange-eerie phenomenons. There is a government experimental lab in the town that creates crazy monsters and interferes with the thresholds of the worlds and our heroes have to then defend themselves and the world against them!

The show completed screening its 3 seasons in 2019 and is all set to launch its 4th and probably the last season. The small teaser for which is already been released and we have linked it right here for you!

Season 4 release date:

Netflix or the creators, the Duffer brothers have not released any information regarding the exact release date for season 4 yet. If conjectures prove correct, we might assume that it is going to be somewhere in late 2020 during the holiday season or the start of 2021.

The plot of Stranger Things Season 4:

Rumors about Season 4 being the last one are strong and they can even be correct considering this season would take place outside our good old Hawkins. Ad the tagline of the announcement suggests- “We’re not in Hawkins anymore”, the story might progress somewhere else, maybe even Russia considering the appearance of Hopper in the teaser suggests the same. This season would conclude the storylines of all our favorite characters and give them a suitable and closure filled end.

We might witness the storyline giving Eleven her powers back and can feature the kid’s adventure to find Hopper.


The original cast consisting of   Millie Bobby BrownFinn WolfhardNoah SchnappGaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin might return with few new additions.

We will be surely the first ones to inform you about any new updates on Stranger things season 4, so stay tuned!

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