‘Halo Infinite’: Release date, trailer, features of the game, updates and a lot more!

Halo infinite to return with it's fifth chapter!?

The Upcoming shooter first-person video game, Halo Infinite is developed by 343 Industries and SkyBox Labs. It is published by Xbox Game Studios. And the game is built for the platforms namely, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and 4th-generation Xbox models, including the Xbox Series X.
Being the sixth main installment of the Halo series, the game would continue the story of the Master Chief as the third chapter of the ‘Reclaimer Saga‘. This would follow the 5th chapter or Guardians and will become the 6th in the line to feature Master Chief as the protagonist.

The release date for Halo Infinite:

The release of the Halo Infinite has been decided near the end of 2020. “Holiday 2020” to be precise, so we can very well expect to welcome the new technology either in October or November for sure.

We admit that Xbox is making us wait a lot longer, just the way we had to during the release of the 5th part, but in the end, the threat of getting a new console by Microsoft is more exciting and trustworthy.


Microsoft released the trailer at its E3 2019 keynote and that raised a lot of doubts and points of excitement for us, we have already linked the trailer for you right here.

Updates and what will the game offer:

From what we can assume and deduct from the trailer and announcements, there is a lot to expect from Halo Infinite. For instance, the Master Chief is back but he is alone and powered down.

We will get an Xbox game pass as well. Some new unique features are added to the game that is kept for the users to unwrap. And last but not the least, the 343-year update also adds up to the new features department to make the game more fun and engaging. We just have to wait till the end of the year for it!

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