‘Sex Education Season 3’: New faces in the cast? Will there be more of Gillian Anderson and the hard hitting storylines!



Our High school sex gurus to be back?


Netflix’s popular show, Sex Education is entirely binge-worthy. With two successful seasons down, fans have consumed all eight episodes of the two seasons altogether and not just once!

Recently, Netflix announced on twitter that they will be renewing the show for a third season soon so that is good news for all of the audience, teen or not!


The creator and writer Laurie Nunn have revealed that she is very excited to present to us the third season and would love to write more of them, so hopefully, we are all in a good treat for more of sex education.

The plot for season 2:

Sex Education is one of the rare shows that deal with serious and necessary teen issues in a fun, sensitive and informative way. This is the precise reason for its immense fan following. Since the last season left us with a cliffhanger and angry at Issac, who probably is in love with Meave and tries to drive a wedge between our favorite Ship, Otis, and Meave.

In season 3, we can expect the story to bring Otis and Meave finally together and then progress with them facing the difficulties they helped others overcome. We can see more of Eric and Adam surely, with a heartbroken Rahim. Ola would be seen figuring and working out her identity and sexuality. All in all season 3 would focus on the development of the character arcs and introduce new stories and characters.

Cast and will be there more of Gillian Anderson:

Most of the usual cast would be returning for the next season with still unknown additions of new characters, namely,


We are probably going to see a lot of Gillian Anderson because the storyline would definitely have Jean and Jakob coming together or working things out due to Jean’s pregnancy.

We will surely be the first ones to update you on any news for Sex Education season 3 until then stay tuned and check out our other articles!

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