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Kung Fu Panda is a famous franchise movie under the production of DreamWorks Animation and distribution of Paramount Pictures.

The movie follows the premise of ancient China which is basically populated with talking anthropomorphic animals and had a panda named Po as the protagonist. He is a Kung Fu enthusiast and when an essentially evil Kung Fu warrior, Tai Lung is foretold to escape from their prison, Po is unknowingly named the ‘Dragon Warrior”, and was Perceived to defeat him.
The movie was announced to have 6 parts in total and only three of them have come out yet and fans are eagerly waiting for the fourth one.

Kung fu panda 4 soon!


Kung fu panda 4 Release date:

The first movie released in 2008, followed by 2011 and the third movie came out in 2016. The fourth installment was supposed to release in 2018 but the date was pushed forward to 2020 and since we can not notice a pattern in the release dates, all we can do is wait and hope for the next part to arrive soon.

Kung fu panda 4 Cast and voiceovers:

The following actors did the voice-overs for the main characters-


Plot expectations and other details:

The fourth movie is supposed to be having as more family perceptive or screen time of the protagonist with other old characters in the franchise. Since the movie was the 7th highest-grossing animated movie of the year so there is a huge amount of expectations attached to the release of the 4th movie. The plot of the upcoming movie would probably revolve around the extension of a new storyline because there are six movies in total to go. The conclusion of character arcs is another thing we can expect.

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