When When is the Last Kingdom Season 4 releasing on Netflix??


Netflix’s historical drama The Last Kingdom is based on Bernand Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories novel series. It has recently been announced that Last Kingdom will be coming back for season 4. The fans are really excited with the news since the historical drama is a fan favourite. Season 4 will consist of 10 episodes. Last Kingdom was renewed for season 4 in December 2018. The Last Kingdom is created by Stephen Butchard.

The new season will see another time jump and welcome aged-up versions of Uhtred’s children who will have their own storylines this time around.


When is The Last Kingdom season 4 releasing?

In April 2019, Netflix confirmed that filming had begun on the 10 new episodes – and in July 2019, the show’s Instagram page invited fans to “Join Uhtred next year on Netflix as the battle continues” – so it looks like season four will arrive in 2020. Filming on The Last Kingdom season four took place from April to October 2019.

Season 4 cast and crew

There are some new cast members which will be joining the original group. Stefanie Martini who will play Aethelred’s new love conquest, and her brother, Aethelred’s new right-hand man and Uhtred’s rival Eardwulf, played by Jamie Blackley. Máté Haumann will play the role of Cenric and Oscar Skagerberg in the role of Bjorgulf.

The Last Kingdom plot

The official press release provides this synopsis:

“After the death of Alfred, the alliances between the kingdoms are fractured. Uhtred believes the timing is right to challenge his uncle Aelfric, played by Joseph Millson (Casino Royale, Banished), and take back his ancestral home, Bebbanburg. However fate shifts in a different direction, leading Uhtred to realise that his destiny is tied to Alfred’s dream of a united land. This, and Uhtred’s feelings for Aethelflaed, drive him back into the politics that threaten to break out into war.”

Season 4 will experience a significant amount of time jump from it’s previous ones.