High School DxD season 5 Release Date 4: Here presenting all details, volumes


The High school DxD season 5, the most awaited fans favourite anime will surely return for a sequel. Season 4 of the anime did not fail to impress the fans and in a way have accelerated their expectations and emotions attached.

According to recent reports for season 5, the command of the production is taken up by Passione Studios. According to the series director Yoshifumi Sueda, he will be taking certain parts of the light novels and adapt it into the anime form which in a way or the other will increase the version 5. The director ( Yoshfumi Sueda) and the production studios have confirmed that the ‘Hero Opai Dragon Arc’ which started in season 4 will continue in season 5 as well.

This particular anime has always been following the manga very closely and it is quite significant that the next season will follow volume 11 and volume 12.

They, the author of the series have completed the whole series in the 12th volume. If we look up to the material left in the novel, there could be more seasons that could be done even after the commencement of the 5th season.

As the fans already know the story arc of the series starts with the Middle-class promotion test. We see Issei, Akeno & Kiba preparing for the test, and witness Koneko acting suspiciously. There comes a twist in the story when Azazel brings Ophis and the leader of the Khaos Brigade to the Hyoudou Residence.

Season 3 of the anime drifted away from the source material and was disapproved by the fans.

As observed the anime that doesn’t stay faithful to the manga often displease the audience and therefore Passione Studio is trying hard not to redo the mistakes done by the creator in season 3.

The Passione Studio as known works on a single project, so after the release of the anime ‘ Z/X Code Reunion’ which aired between November 2019 – December 2019, after that according to recent news now the Passione studio is booked for the anime ‘ Project [B.B] ‘. The earliest release date that can be expected of Highschool DxD season 5 will be after the release of ‘Project [B.B]’. It can be expected to fall mostly in 2020.