High School DxD Season 5 confirmed- Release date,the volumes involved and everything else!!


Animes are taking over the entertainment industry for the most part.

I ain’t complaining tho.

One of such animes is High School DxD and it’s been confirmed that it will return for a season 5. High School DxD is a popular manga series that has been adapted into various series and spin offs since 2012. It is kind of sumptuous and scandalous series. Season 5 is supposed to take forward the Hero Oppai Dragon arc from the manga. Fan favourite anime will definitely return for a sequel. The production command has been taken over by Passione Studio.

When will Season 5 premiere?

The fourth season came to an end in June 2019 and since then fans have been waiting for a sequel. There is no confirmed news about the release date of season 5 yet.Season 4 aired and showed the beginning of Hero Oppai Dragon story arc from the manga in the beginning, covering Volume 9 and 10. Season 5 is expected t continue the story arc covering Volume 11 and 12. If everything goes as planned,we can expect High School season 5 towards the end of 2020.

The plot so far

The story revolves around Kuoh Academy which was originally an old girl’s school but recently turned co-ed. The school has a secret-it is the home of fallen angels, angels can be both good and bad. None of the students are aware of this fact. The protagonist of the series is Issei Hyoudou. Issei wants to date one of the beautiful girls in the school and he wants to have his own Harem someday. He then meets Yuuma Amano but he doesn’t know that she is a fallen angel,Raynare. Issei gets stabbed to death but then gets a second chance at life. Issei now has to learn how to train and fight for himself.

Season 5 will show the Hero Oppai Dragon arc. It will be fun to see how much of the manga is incorporated this time.


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