Halo Infinite: Release Date, Trailer and all the information you need to know!!!


Masterchief is back!

Halo 6 will return to PC in the late 2020 as Halo Infinite. A true gamers moment if i may say so myself. This is going to be another big addition to the already popular series.The latest Halo 5 was a major disappointment. Hopefully,Halo Infinite will be able to bring back the success rate. The Halo series has seen it’s fair share of highs and lows but the fandom is still pretty excited about Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite would sadly not feature battle royale mode as confirmed by 343 Industries. There might be some small transactions made possible between players but there won’t be any loots. But the good news is that the Halo ring and Forge mode is back!

You can get your hands on Halo Infinite and play it on Xbox One,PC and Xbox Series X.

Release date of Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite is set for a late 2020 release,it is probably going to come out in December of 2020 during the holiday season. The exact date has not been made official yet.

Microsoft announced at the E3 conference that Halo Infinite would be the launch title for it’s next gen console. The PC version would launch simultaneously.

Halo Infinite trailers

Microsoft showed the Halo Infinite teaser at the E3 conference. It gave the gamers a slight idea of what to expect. Masterchief does come back but in the trailers he is shown all alone and really powered down. People were quite thrilled with the teaser. It took us all back Halo: Combat Evolved with eerily similar moves and effects. There is not much that we know about the story but one thing is for sure,Masterchief is the protagonist.

We finally got a rather lengthy trailer for Halo Infinite. The trailer didn’t show Masterchief in the beginning but introduced him later on. There is no gameplay released or in the news as of now but we can really hope that Halo Infinite surpasses our expectations.