All you need to know about Maisie Williams – her love life, her experience on the sets of Game of thrones in details.


As we all know, Maisie Williams who played Arya Stark was a savage warrior in Game of Thrones, yet it shows up she’s a softie, in actuality, particularly with regards to her sentiment with sweetheart Reuben Selby. To celebrate the new year, Maisie shared a series of photographs with her business beau during a day of preparing plants during the period of Christmas. In 2019 Maisie started spending her time with Reuben, who is an entrepreneur and founder at the Contact agency. They met at a fashion week and from there things went on and then Reuben was seen setting up his roots in fashion. She was recently seen sharing a photograph with her beau on the eve of the new year with a caption saying that she is presently neither focusing on the past, not on the future and is only concentrating on the present.

The 22-year old added that she could accomplish extra things in 2019 because she made time and gave in extra efforts. She shared a photo which showed that she was planting and decorating new plants( which she denoted as her kids).

According to recent reports after the fierce role that she played in the most admired web series Game of Thrones, she is venturing into the field of entrepreneurship. She has recently collaborated and launched Daisie – a social media platform for working on creative projects.


Maisie was literally 12, when she took the role of Arya Stark. According to t,o her she transformed from a kid to a grown lady totally on the sets of Game of Thrones. She said that around season 3 or season 4 when she started turning into a lady ho, on the other hand, hand Arya was still being portrayed as a kid, it was very difficult to cope up with the character. However she has been through it, and accord in the g to audience’s response t,o her it was incredible.

On the sets, she quite developed a strong and or friendship with her co-star Sophie Turner. The duo even got a matching tattoo showing that they were sisters for life.