Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – Release date, trailer,news and updates


As one of the famous adventure games which, the legend of Zelda. Nintendo basically advanced and disseminated the game, and it was released for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U which pacifies on the 3rd of match 2017. The setting of the breath of the wild is at the end of Zelda’s timeline, where the player controls the game link, he is the one who rises up from almost a hundred-year-old sleep to vanquish the battle and defeat Calamity Ganon before the villain destroys Hyrule.
As the seasons turn grey and green, Zelda: breath of the wild’s second sequel is all set to get a release in 2020, and however is looking forward to becoming the flagship title of Nintendo, 2020.

Zelda’s fans are so excited heeding the sequel, but as far as the sequel’s release is concerned it is yet a far fetched dream, as the wait is long but the release is certain so no worries.
But Nintendo released the trailer, and the hype is real. In the trailer it reveals, Zelda and Link are exploring a thrilled and spooky chamber brimming in with secrets, and this gave a dark twist to the game. In the teaser, it shows, Zelda and Link investigated a dark and deep dungeon which comprised beneath Hyrule, a place was, in turn, creepy and deadly.
There are no changes in the characters, and if any the Nintendo will make it public once the dates of release are confirmed.

As per the latest reviews, the sequel’s map will be entirely different from the previous version of the game. Also Nintendo is looking forward to including some 3D designers, this means more fun and more dungeon features in the upcoming version of the game.