The 100 seasons 7 Release Date and is to return soon with new cast & plot, Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley Confirms

The 100 seasons 6 is now gone and the fans have all set their expectations to the season 7 of the series. It was kind of a hint with CW boss Mark Pedowitz announcing back in the year 2018 that the executive producer got some more ideas to explore. The director says that he was quite sure about the ending in the previous years but every year he feels new with a new story and he doesn’t actually know when he is going to be satisfied and end the story though he has a very good ending already in his mind.

The 7th season was confirmed in a way in August last year and was also kind of believed to be the show’s last.

“We’ve been actually asking to end the series on a good note, we want to leave while the fans are still wanting more,” says the director. 

The season 6 hit the CW in the US in 2019, while the UK fans had to wait till Sept 2019. 

The cast isn’t yet confirmed but Eliza Taylor will return as the lead Clarke Griffin. Other stars will include Marie Avegeropolous as Octavia Blake, Bob Marley as Bellamy Blake.

The original stars such as Henry Lan Cusick and Paige Turco will not return or won’t be starred. Shannon Cook was cast as a full-time member in the 6th season, so he will be back too.

There will be some new addition to season 7 like Alaina Huffman will be seen playing a prisoner, Chad Rook will be playing the Hatch.

As the series is based on post-apocalyptic Young adult novels but has added so much mythology, so according to the Director there will be a clear focus on the anomaly, with an adult Hope twist. The director confirmed that there won’t be any time travel but the story will directly pick up the plot and lead towards the season finale.

The trailer will be released one month prior to the release of the premiere. 

So the fan can expect a total twist and turn in the plot.