Dead to Me season 2, plot, cast, story-line,mystery: The whodunit  story of female friendship continues


The American black comedy web television series by Liz Feldman is Set to return for its second season and continue on the base set up by its two leading ladies in the preceding season


The story is based on two grieving women. Jen Harding lost her husband in a mysterious hit-and-run case and has troubling coping with her loss where she met Judy who actually is the driver who has killed Jen’s husband, but she lied about it in the group to join it. A  powerful friendship that blossoms between Jen (Applegate) and Judy (Cardellini), unbeknown to Jen that Judy is the killer

The season ends with Jen calling Judy who was about to commit suicide at the same spot where Jen’s husband had died, to her home where she found Steve’s dead body.

The coming season will continue to ponder over the secret Judy has been keeping to herself and focus on what happened with Steve.


BOTH Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are going to return to reprise their respective role. Along with them Max Jenkins, Luke Roessler, Sam McCarthy are all likely to return along with this Natalie Morales has been signed up for the series also and might play a pivotal role. Liz Feldman will continue to direct the second season also


Dead to me season 2 will release by mid-2020 and will again consist of 10 episodes like the previous season. t will be available on the Netflix streaming app for the audience to bing on.


It has been highly watched on Netflix and has an approval rating of a high 86% and been loved by both the critics and the audience it has also been nominated for various awards especially the Emmy’s.