Bosch Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot & when will it be on Prime Videos?

Looking to watch something on Prime Videos? Bosch it is. One of the best series Prime has ever released. It has amazing content. We can’t get enough of it. This is the reason why Prime is coming up with another season. The show already has five seasons available on Prime and is coming back with its sixth season.

Release Date of Season 6:

There is no official date for the release of season six yet. But we do know that there is a possibility of it will be releasing in April 2020. The previous three seasons released in April, and the first two seasons released in March 2015 and 2016.

The cast of Season 6:

The cast of Bosch season 6 will include Titus Veliver as Harry Bosch in the main lead of course.

Some characters are also expected to return to the show, Jamie Hector could return as Harry’s partner. Amy Aquino is also expected to return as Lieutenant Grace Billets, Lance Riddick will return as Irvin Irving, Madison Lintz will return as Maddie and Sarah will also return.

The plot of Season 6:

The show is based on a brilliant book written by Michael Connelly. But, Bosch does not focus on one book at a time.

In the finale of the fifth season, Bosch ends up killing three assassins and investigates the murder case of Daisy Clayton. On the other hand, Detective Edgar dives into a dangerous investigation that puts his life at risk.

So it is expected that season 6 will pick up the story from where season 5 left off.

There is also a serial killer plot that will highlight the story of this season. Of course, the consequences from the past will affect the actions of the main lead characters.

A lot of stuff fans will have to handle in this season. I hope the season stands tall!

Happy watching!