Stranger Things season 4 Release Date: Your favorite group of children are back!! Do they have to face the mind flayer again??


Ominous music plays in the background,the sky is getting dark and you feel shivers down your spine. Oh no,it’s the mind flayer. That’s right,Stranger Things is back and everyone is more than happy about it!

I watched the previous 3 seasons in just 3 days so it’s safe to say Stranger Things is a really popular SciFi and thriller series. Upside Down is a world that opened because of an experiment gone wrong,this enables people to get stuck in the Upside Down forever.

We still miss you Barb.

Eleven is a psychokinetic girl who escaped in Season 1 and since then stayed with Mike and gang. The series is filled with monsters,rescuers,some funny love stories and of course, Demogorgon.

Eleven along with Mike,Dustin,Lucas,Will and Max

The plot so far

Season 1

Stranger Things season 1 started with the introduction of our characters living in Hawkins and ended with Mike and his friends along with Hopper and Joyce Byers saving Will Byers,who was stuck in the Upside down. This season also saw the apparent death of Eleven.

Season 2

Season 2 started with showing us how Eleven was still alive but stuck in the Upside world for a little while. Jonathan,Will’s brother also plays an important role. We also see Nancy,Mike’s sister as an apparent love interest of Jonathan. Hopper helps Eleven and makes her stay with him. Max becomes a new member of the group and as the dangerous Mind Flayer comes back again,Eleven comes to the rescue. Eleven manages to close the entry to the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Season 3
Season 3

Season 3 was a very interesting one. It showed the events taking place in the Star-court mall. Max and Eleven become ‘besties’.Hopper became concerned about the growing relationship between Mike and Eleven. Will becomes aware of something strange happening in an alternate dimension. Scoops Ahoy,how can we forget about our favourite group of nerds!

The kids and the elders together fight against the Russians who are trying to reopen the Upside Down. We also see the loving relationship and quite a duet between Dustin and his girlfriend,Susie. At the end of season 3,Hopper is presumed to be death whereas the Byers move away from Hawkins for the time being. We also saw Eleven losing her powers. Will she be able to get it back in Season 4?

Season 4

The trailer-teaser for the new season was aired on 14th February 2020 and it was a perfect treat to us. There are no official dates but the fans are speculating the release to take place in October-November 2020 or the start of 2021. There are many theories stating how Hopper isn’t dead yet. Hawkins might not be the focal point this season,it can be Russia.

Who doesn’t want Hopper to be back? We can just hope for the best. Let’s rewatch the previous seasons and get ready for more thrilling adventures! The gang will not disappoint.