Sherlock Holmes 3 Cast, Release Date, Plot and everything else you need to know!!!


Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are finally back in our favourite Sherlock Holmes 3 and we are all here for it!!

Since January 2012,a month after the release of Sherlock Holmes:A game of shadows,there were talks about the third installment in the franchise. But with the busy schedule of the actors involved as well as other upcoming projects of the director,there was quite a delay. At last,there’s a good news for the fans who have been waiting so long for the third sequel. Sherlock Holmes is back with a bang!

We have all seen and loved Downey as Iron man but it’s time to show him some love for this. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law have reprise their roles as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes 3 much to everyone’s relief. Guy Ritchie is unfortunately not directing this threequel. Scheduling issues are to be blamed for this news as he was the one to direct both the original Sherlock Holmes and give Downey the role and personality that we see and love today. Dexter Fletcher will be taking over Guy Ritchie’s role.

Do we know the release Date?

Yes,actually we do!

Sherlock Holmes 3 is set to release on December 22,2021. Warner Brothers pushed the release date by a whole year,earlier it was set to release in December of 2020.

The first two Sherlock Holmes classics came out around Christmas so it’s fitting that the third installment be released around this time too.

Sherlock Holmes 3 Cast

Who is going to play the role of villain in this installment? Our best bet is that Jared Harris will return with his iconic role of Moriarty. Of course Robert and Jude Law will be in this series but there is nothing confirmed about Stephen Fry or Kelly Riley. Will they return? That’s yet to see.

Plot of Sherlock Holmes 3

The third Sherlock Holmes movie does not have a proper title at the moment. There’s a pretty good chance that it will be revealed soon. Jude Law was quoted as saying “the essence of the story is their co-dependency”. The movies shows a budding relationship with his sidekick,Watson. The first outing saw Holmes and Watson battling mysterious dominator Lord Henry Blackwood (Mark Strong), while the second film showed Sherlock’s arch-nemesis Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris). Reportedly,a ton of writers have worked on the script for the third movie. It will be a treat to watch to say in the least!


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