La Casa de Papel Money Heist Season 4 Release Date: Be prepared to be part of the Biggest Heist Ever…

Le Casa de Papel is a Spanish tv series which was first released on May 9th,2017 and quickly gained a lot of popularity. A group of robbers decide to rob the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. Created by Alex Pina, the series was shot in Madrid and has a unique fanbase. 

So is season 4 really happening? 


Most Definitely. 

 Owing to the popularity of the show, Netflix bought its rights in late 2017. With its ever-growing fanbase, Netflix decided that the fourth season will premiere on 3rd April 2020. And we cannot wait for it. 

 De la Serna, in a recent interview, confirmed that the filming has already wrapped.  This might also be the final season as all the posts of the stars seem to be hinting it. 

Do we have a trailer yet??

Soon after announcing the dates for Season 4 Netflix dropped a dramatic trailer. 

Have a look at the trailer

In the trailer, we see our favourite characters in their signature red jumpsuit and a weirdly serene look on their face. And fans have been speculating what we may expect

Who all are returning?

The trailer showed most of the regular cast and some faces that we had thought had died. Álvaro Morte as the professor, Úrsula Corberó as Tokio, Esther Acebo as Monica, Itziar Ituño as Raquell Murillo, Miguel Herrán as Rio, Jaime Lorente as Denver, Alba Flores as Nairobi, Pedro Alonso as Berlin and joining the regular cast, we have  Najwa Nimri as the role of Alicia Sierra, and Enrique Arce as the role of Arturo Román. 

What can we expect? 

A lot of tension in the story has been built up over the seasons, so far, we know that the Professor is under the impression that his girlfriend and co-conspirator Lisbon was shot and killed by the police. Only time will tell what happens next. One thing is for sure, we are in for an adventure. 

Fun Fact!!

La Casa de Papel, according to Netflix is the third most watched series or movie , right behind Stranger Things and The Umberella Academy