Dark Season 3: Everything you need to know about the new season! Cast, Plot, Releasing Date and many more!

Huge fan of the Dark series? Well, get excited. A new and more interesting season is about to be released. Season 1 & 2 were both very dark and creepy for us. Season 1 launched and gained a ton of fans all around the world. The same was with season 2 also. We have good news, season 3 is very close to releasing.

Release Date

If you are huge Dark fan you probably will start dancing after reading this news and a little heartbroken at the same time. New season is back. Yesss!!! Season 3 is here. It will be launched on Netflix in June 27, 2020. But the only sad part is that this will be the last season of the series. But we definitely know that this season will be worth all the wait.


The Dark series is very big series. You must have seen many characters in season 1 & 2 who have died. There is a big possibility that those characters may come back in this season because we all know Dark is not the same without it’s old characters. We might see them again in season 3.

Some sources have revealed that characters named Louis Hoffman, Andreas Pietschmann, Jordis Triebel, Lisa Viscardi, Mark Waschke and Lean Can Acken will be seen. Dark is absolutely nothing without these people.


The Dark Series is like a science fiction movie. When you watch this movie, it creates a lot of confusion in your mind and leaves you with many questions. And without the final season you will not get your answers. That is why the last season is such a secret among everyone. But wait, the story is about the rules of time travel, based on an assumption. Then what exactly is going to happen in this season? I’m so excited!

Dark Season 3 will give you all the answers of all the series. All you have to do is wait.