BBC and Netflix ready to disclose another installment of the bloody secret? Is Dracula Season 2 to come out of the shadows soon

Dracula, developed my Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat based on the novel by Bram stoker, was a three episode series screened on BBC one and Netflix. Jonathan Harker’s travel to transylvania in search of a house brings him to face an overly ambitious vampire count and a creepy maze filled castle in the first season, in the three episodes. This begs us to question, Dracula season 2 to come out soon? We, here present to you the latest information about the cast, probable plot, release date along with everything you need to know everything you need to know.

Dracula season 2 on it’s way to production ?

When is the new season coming out?

While at this point in time it has become extremely difficult to analyze whether a new season of Dracula would ever see the light of the world or not, where some fans eagerly await for more answers and characterizations, the creators are still refraining to officially announce the arrival of Season 2. Now, assuming that the show finds space for itself in the media world, we are pretty certainĀ  that Count Dracula or rathet Claes Bang will bloodfully return to the role which glorifies him as a crush-worthy symbol on the BBC. Although John Heffernan is less likely to reappear as Jonathan Harker, the small but intriguing series might introduce a couple of new characters.

What can you actually expect from the storyline?

Even though the end of the last episode of season 1 felt rather complete but we never actually see the characters die for sure and this benefit of doubt coupled with our knowledge of ‘nothing actually dies’ in the virtual world we can very well expect new, super strong or renewed characters to return with awesome nuance abilities to begin with.

We ask you not to worry anyway, with our super abilities at keeping track of popular shows, we’ll be the first one to keep you posted on any new news or teaser or trailer of Sir Dracula that BBC decides to disclose. It is going to be exciting and worth the wait when the creators tap into the supernatural world and present to you another thrilling season of our favorite and most loved creature, the bloodsucking Dracula.