Re:Zero season 2 Release Date, Cast and Story Plot: will be airing soon in the year 2020 !

Re: Zero as known and as it sounds is an anime based on action and fantasy.

Re: Zero means restarting everything from zero. This series tells a story about Natsuki Subaru, a normal young man who leads a normal life but then shortly he gets summoned to a new world and his new female companion. He does not seem to know the reason behind why he was summoned or the person who summoned him. The new girl he befriends is a silver-haired, half-elf girl named Emilia. There arise certain circumstances, because of which both of them are targeted by an unknown assassin. The assassin then is found to have murdered them and everything seems to get over.

But then some seconds later, Natsuki Subaru awakens and discovers that he has got some new ability and powers to return by death. However, he realises that he has got the power to reverse the time only by dying and finds out that he can help the half-elf in some way or the other from facing her fate and dying. The new discovery and the new determination to help his companion led to an unexpected turn of extremely unfortunate events.

The above-mentioned series consisted of 25 episodes and was released on April 4, 2016. And the series continued till September 19, 2016.

The official website of the Re: Zero- starting life in another world has announced there will be a season 2 broadcasting towards April 2020.

There have been reports, rumours and spoilers regarding that season 2 will have two cour.

However, this makes sense as season 1 consisted of two cours so season 2 can also be a two cour anime.

The staff at animation White fox studio will be returning to produce Re: Zero seasons 2. Adding to that the producers would be releasing a video trailer and the cast members for that have already been listed. An English dub for the first season was eventually released and exact goes for the second season according to sources.1q