What after – The fate of the Furious!? Will the race continue and get more furious in its 9th edition?


There have been very few film franchises that make it to their 9th edition/part, but if one does then it surely contains something more remarkable or something out of the league.

The film that I am describing here is none other than the Fast and Furious series. To understand the series one need not necessarily focus on the summary of the previous parts but rather keep themself engrossed in the exciting car races that the film puts forward. 

The first part of the series was introduced to us in the year 2001 and the film enabled us in some way or the other to experience the majestic Vin Diesel(who has got in a dominant character, an ex-con, and leader of an underground racing club.

As per the sources, the film was inspired by a Vibe magazine article named “Racer X”, that specifically is about New York street racing.T

The last part of the series or the eighth part named “The Fate of the Furious” which got released in the year 2017, showed the characters such as Dom and Letty enjoying their honeymoon.

Two other characters like Brian and Mia retiring from the game and the rest of the team members being vindicated from the game.

It showed the team members returning back to normal life. Then there arrives a mysterious part where a secret woman played by Charlize Theron is found seducing Dom and dragging him into a criminal trap that he is yet to escape.

Now the viewers of this series seem to be waiting eagerly for the next or precisely the 9th part and to see how the script twists or turn out.

At the start, the release of the film was scheduled to take place in April 2019 but due to some delays, the film would now be releasing on large screens on 22nd May 2020. Not only that the pre-production of the 10th part has also started and it is kind of confirmed that it will be releasing in the year 2021.

There is no assurance of how vital role Theron & Mirren would be playing in the next part but the audience can kind of expect them to have a role. However, we will see the characters Dom( Vin Diesel), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Mia( Jordan Brewster), Sean( Lucas Black), etc.

No guesses can be made regarding the plot of the story, as there will be certain unexpected stunts, races, villains, some known and some unknown characters but it will surely be a unique part then what the history of the series shows.

Some heated rumours are heard about Han(played by Sung Kang) returning in this part but no sharp proof again regarding this have been given from the production team or the director. Han was introduced in the Fast & Furious – Tokyo drift but unfortunately does in a car explosion, still, his popularity makes him return and plays his role in the next 3 movies.

So there has been no clue or specified answers regarding his death, and the film owns a debt to the audience.

The audience can wait and totally expect Han to appear in the next part.