Killing Eve Season 3 Release Date, Cast and Everything you need to know about the Thriller and Spy British series!!!

Oh my god.

*takes a deep breath*

Guess what’s back? The new season of the most famous British thriller and spy television show by BBC America is back with its third season. The first season came in April 2018 and was a huge hit. Then came the second season in April 2019 which followed in the footsteps of the first season and became another huge hit. That’s two hits in a row! Wow. Can they make another hit series? Maybe? Definitely.

Well, your wishes have been answered. Season 3 is coming. Charlotte Moore, BBC director of content, quoted that, it is great news that there will be a third series of this award-winning hit drama.

Release Dates

The third season will be shown on the BBC in the United Kingdom, but we still don’t know when the episodes will come. Don’t worry, it will soon be available and all your worth will be worth it.


The killer Jodie Comer will return as Eve Polstree returns to Villanelle, Sandra Oh. Owen McDonnell will return as Eve’s husband, Nico Polastry will return to the show, and Kim Bodnia will be returning as Villanelle’s boss. Nina Sosania will return to the next season as Jess and Edward Blumel will also return as Hugo.

Season 3 Plot

Season 1 had an ending with a cliffhanger. Season 2 came and solved the question season 1 gave us. While Eve slept among the remains of what used to be a spectacular spectacle in architecture in Rome, Villanelle leaves the scene.

Villanelle never commented on the family issue and Constantine is the closest thing to his father. He is Villanley’s only handler, although the couple broke up at the opening scene of the second season of the series. But there are some implications that they could still have a living relationship.