Is it the end of Netflix’s contents founding series : house of cards season 7 ,caste ,cause of cancellation

On February 13 2013  the first season of “House of Cards”  arrived on the Netflix streaming platform and with it started the exclusive and cherished Netflix original content, The  american political thriller web-series based on the novel by Micheal Dobbs of the same name  is regarding a ambitious political couple Francis J Underwood  and Claire Underwood played by academy award winner Kevin spacey and golden globe winner Robin wright along with Mahershala Ali(1-4), Micheal Gill(1-4),Micheal Kelly and Kate Mara(season-1) all playing crucial supporting roll. The series lost it’s momentum after Kevin Spacey’s sexual allegation’s due to which his contract with the series was terminated .

with season 6 already released and loved by the audience especially Robin wright performance is applauded by both critics and the fans of the show ,after frank Underwood was declared Dead by Claire by braking the fourth wall and saying “my turn” she truly has lived up to her role as the first female president of the united states of america, though loved by fans the viewership of the show has drastically fallen after Kevin spacey’s departure as he held the helm of the show till that season, and the die-hard fans clearly missed his presence on the screen .

The season 6 ended with Claire killing dough with franks letter opener and saying “no more pain.” thus concluding the series on a bittersweet note .with Netflix having cut-off all the ties with Kevin spacey and since he was assuredly the best part of the show will not return in near future made it sure that it will be the final season as all the characters had completed their story arc it will be better for the series to bid goodbye on rather see-saw fashion.But in Hollywood you can “never say never” as other streaming channels can pick up the production of the show but it is highly unlikely and its the end of one of the great series on online streaming medium.