Good Girls Season 4 release date, Cast and Everything you need to know about your favorite Good Girls Gone Really Bad!!!

Can you believe it has already been 2 years since season 1 of Good Girls came out! Season 1 & 2 were both great hits from NBC. Season 2 finale left us all with our mouths open in front of our TV screens because of what was going to happen next?

Good news! The third season is set to come back to NBC this February! This season will also be available on Netflix, don’t know when but soon. What we do know is the story of the mums turned criminals is about to get more complicated and mysterious. This season will have 16 episodes, more than the rest two seasons which had 13 and 10 episodes, which means more fun and mystery. Now that Beth killed Rio, the girls have taken the business into their own hands. But what if he comes back? Ooohh. That will be cool.

There’s a new girl joining the gang

We have one more good news! There’s a new girl coming to town! Yes, season 3 will have a new role entry. Charlyne Yi, will be playing the new role. Charlyne Yi is a character with “mildly impaired social skills,” says creator Bans. It will definitely be a fun turn for the story. Bans have also quoted that this new character might create more problems than help the girls. This new character has no interest in being a ‘good girl’. Woops. Let’s see what this character brings for us.

What if Rio is alive?

Now, this is even more fun to read.

Our beloved Rio (even though he was a pain in the ass, but he was our man!) was killed by Beth in the 2nd season finale. Beth took him down when she turned her gun on him and fired rounds of bullets into his body. But wait, they had a thing for each other? Duh, that thing is no more. Who fires bullets at their lover? There is another twist, later in the scene, we saw Agent Turner make a deal with the pretty much dead Rio, Agent Turner would help him only if Rio owes him one this time. If Rio comes out alive in season 3 we will definitely see him working with the FBI and help them find the girls.

Fans must be dying to see what will happen now. You will find out soon. And to enjoy the show more, watch season 1 & 2 again. Brings back some old memories.