A Discovery of Witches, Season 2 Release date, Cast and All you need to know!

It begins with absence and desire, it begins with blood and fear, and it begins with A Discovery of Witches. These are the words that kept us hooked to the engrossing show, A Discovery of Witches. With its second season soon to come out, viewers are excited to see what Diana Bishop and Matthew have in store for them.

A staggering 94% Rotten Tomatoes score, season 1 began with our closeted witch Diana Bishop (played by Teresa Palmer) discovering the coveted Ashmole 782 manuscript, and also discovering the vampire and professor Matthew Claremont (played by the smoldering Matthew Goode). The two then set out to discover the creatures, and meanwhile (pun intended), the love starts to brew.

In between many demons like Peter Knox, Juliette and Satu drops the bombshell that she is a daemon born of witches, a cross-species offspring! This leaves the entire creature world confounded, and trouble comes calling.

With a power-packed ending and Matthew finally tasting Diana’s blood, the congregation going rouge, the cliff-hangers were apt.

With a stellar cast and acting, this series was well beyond just another teenage vampire – witch show.  Season 2 and 3 were announced soon after the success of the first one. With Palmer beginning filming in July 2019, season 2 is set to drop at any time in 2020. A Discovery of Witches, season 1 got a viewership of over 2 million, whether further seasons will live up to the cliff-hangers, acting and drama, only time will tell.